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ozone air purifier

ozone air purifier

Specifications SW series ozone air purifier (above 75g/h)
1. Structure of drawer with cordwood system type
2. Produced by standardization.

SW-150 ozone air purifier can use for fresh keeping, room disintecting and so on, details as below:


Ozone generating capacity: 150g/h

Gas source:             oxygen

Power supply:           220V50Hz

Power:                 2000W

N.W:                   255kg

Size:                   650*1020*1360


Introduction:SW-150 ozone air purifier takes oxygen as gas source (Need to additionally match air compressor and cold & dry machine and oxygen generator), and make structure of drawer with building block type. Every drawer is a generating unit with driven by high-frequency & voltage power module, and plate-style ozone generating fitting with air-cooling. Standardized generating unit, rated capacity is 25 glam, which could be interchanged, and could be started-up & be closed separately Gross ozone generating capacity could be adjusted by change the total number of units, high generating efficiency, high reliability, high ozone concentration.