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Dark blue glass block

Dark blue glass block
Products Specification

Colors Available

Clear,White,Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Black,Amber,Ocean blue,Light grey,Light purple,Dark purple etc.

Regular Sizes

Glass Block


Crushed Clear Glass

0.1-0.3mm; 0.3-1.25mm; 1.25-2.50mm; 2.50-4.00mm.

Crushed Clear Mirror

0.1-0.3mm; 0.3-1.25mm; 1.25-2.50mm; 2.50-4.00mm.

Other size is available as per requirement.

 Products Advantage

  1. Our products were used in marble and decoration.
  2. It’s very dry and no impurities.
  3. It’s cubic shape, no sharp edge.
  4. There are various colors and size available