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Mobile Air Purifier

Mobile Air Purifier


Air purifier, refers to the device  which can be able to improve air cleanliness by filtering

 out or killing the air pollutants. Currently on the market are mainly residential and commercial

air purifiers removing indoor air pollution which is applicable for offices, lounges, doctors' offices,

waiting rooms, schools, daycare centers, call-for-help center, business hall and so on.

Manual or remote control, simple operation.

360 ℃ of the air circulation, to eliminate the loop dead ends

In accordance with the design of GB4706.1-1998 GB4706.45-1999 standard.
Streamlined panel, coordinate with environmental design, elegant, which does not affect the indoor

decorative effect

Efficient purification rate: once a purification rate of 99%, purification grades up to ten thousand

Applicable area of 80-100 (m), anion concentration of 10-50 million (/ cm)


DJ electronic air cleaner built-in high voltage electrostatic field (baghouse) + layer over filter + Activated

carbon adsorption + negative oxygen ions function.

Electronic unit of the high-tech electronic dust collection chamber, can completely eliminate the diameter

of the air the 0.01um bacteria,

 dust, cigarette, viruses, dust mites, mold poisoning, bacteria, pathogens and other suspended particles,

and prevent allergic diseases and respiratory diseases caused by bad air, and effectively remove the smell

 in the air, the elimination of chemical and biological odor, so the net effect of the air filter can bu up to

more than 98%, giving you a clean, healthy work and living space.

Cost savings and easy maintenance. Installation: concealed ceiling type.