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Door sensors shower room

Door sensors shower room

Air shower is generally divided into two kinds according to different targets,

Air shower device commonly known as ------ Airshower

Cargo shower room commonly known as----the cargo shower room 

The major function of air shower is to blow dust on people’s clothes, equipment, materials and tools for the 

operating or items 

entering the clean room.


According to the materials used, there are three kinds of air shower: 

Color air shower, it applies to dry environment, for the factory have not much people, save cost.

Cold rolled steel air shower(Acid phosphate electrostatic paint), it applies to electron factories with more people.

Stainless stell air shower, mainly for food factory and medicine factory, good for humidity environment, because 

it is not easy to get rusty.


Among them, the general design of the cargo room leaching is base plate-shaped, so that the goods can be passed. 

With the 

increasing stringent requirements about blowing leaching, the general design of door is manual stainless steel 

open type or fully 

automatic PVC roller shutter door type, in order to open.

Stainless steel airshower (SUS304), applicable to food processing, medicine and health products processing 

industry, so that the 

workshop environment is moist, but not rust.


Depending on the ways of blowing leaching, can be divided into: top hair shower room, single hair shower room 

single double 

hair shower room, single hair shower room, double pairs of hair shower room, double, three hair shower rooms 

and many pairs 

of hairshower room, more than three hair shower, corner airshower

1) Single-blow type: a side plate with nozzle, suitable for less demanding plants, such as: food packaging, 

beverage processing, production of a large bucket of water

2) Double blow type: a side panel with the roof nozzle, suitable for domestic food processing enterprises, such as: 

bakery, dried fruit and other small-scale enterprises


Three blown type: two side panels and the top has a nozzle suitable for export processing enterprises, or 

high-precision instruments and other demanding industries.

Device configuration instructions:

1)Fan --- air conditioning high pressure centrifugal fan. Model: DXL-160, total pressure: 1000Pa, speed: 

2800r/min, power: 550W Operating voltage: 380V/50Hz, If the fan occurs any quality problems, it could be 

replaced in five years. 

2)Wind speed --- 25M /S

3)Nozzles --- all stainless steel materials, 360-degree adjusting the direction , embedded design

Filtration system --- applying the primary filter and high efficiency filter of double filtration system, because the 

primary filter is made of non-woven production, washable ,removable so it can greatly extend the life of the 

highly efficient filters and save costs.

5)Filtration efficiency --- 99.99%,> 0.3μm

6)The control system --- automatic control (manual control) with power indicator and work light. Memory sexy 

blowing leaching, infrared photoelectric sensor to the object, start the fan, the timer expires, the wind leaching 


6)Air Shower time --- LED show the leaching time (0-99 seconds adjustable), generally set to 20-30 seconds 


7)Lighting --- Built-in downlight or suction embedded explosion-proof lights, power: 25W

8)Illumination --- 300LXS

9)Choice of other features:

1)Electronic chain --- electronic interconnection lock can ensure that only a door keep open while the power is on, 

two-door can not open at the same time, to ensure the sanitation of clean areas

2)Door closers --- the installation of door closers can be achieved automatically stop bit within 90 degrees and 90 

degrees, cleaning will be more convenient

3)) Ozone sterilizer --- built-in,ozone production is: 100MG / H,
sterilization internal airshower.